Naked Gay Bear Men

Naked gay bear men take great pride in their bodies; they like to show off their hairiness, and/or their muscles. Hairiness in the gay bear community is a sign of natural hyper masculinity, and has metaphorical associations with the bear animal. Bodily hair assumes sexual significance among members of the gay bear community, and is highly prized as a sexual aphrodisiac among most of its members. Not all gay bear men are hairy, or even big and stocky, but members of the subculture nevertheless accept them.


Many within the gay bear subculture also value men with muscled bodies. They are associated to fantasies of natural male beauty, splendor and strength. It also has metaphorical significance to raw, naked male power and hyper masculinity.


Both muscled and hairy groups of bears tend to draw their own sets of admirers within, or even outside, the gay bear community. Sometimes, naked gay bear men display themselves au naturel at bear events or bear runs. Such display signifies their pride in their bodies, as well as their identity as gay bears. It is not simply a sign of sexual narcissistic indulgence and availability, although this might also be the case at times.

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