Free Gay Bear Pictures

Interested observers and participants in the gay bear subculture can find a vast array of free gay bear pictures on online sites and in magazines dedicated to the community.


Most of the downloadable pictures are free, whereas some sites require registration and membership to access the legion images. Pictures are usually arranged according to gay bear themes. These include pictures of "hairy men, bareback sex, mature men, body builders, amateur men, leather men, military fetish and extreme gay sex."


Some sites specify that they only host pictures of "Real Masculine Men", but no "Twinks". The latter category refers to the mainstream gay subculture's privileging of mostly hairless, younger men. The gay bear subculture's apparent dislike of this category of men within the gay community dates back to a time when many in the gay bear community felt ostracized by the larger gay community because of their physical looks: hairy, large and fat.


However, it is evident from the images on gay bear sites that bears mostly do not segregate themselves as much as they once did. They have now become a mainstream element of the gay community at large. Besides non-bear gay men, bisexual and transgender men of all shapes and sizes tend to be regular visitors to free gay bear pictures galleries.

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